An Umbrella with White Butterflies

An Umbrella with White Butterflies

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Written by Farhad hassanzadeh

Illustrated by Ghazaleh Bigdelou

Publisher: TUTI Books (a Division for Children and ya) Fatemi Pubhishing co.

Published in 2017

36 pages, 21 x 21cm

Age 4+

World Rights Available

ISBN 978-964-318-992-1

Hassanzadeh, Farhad. (2017) An Umbrella with White Butterflies. Illustrated by Ghazaleh Bigdelou. Translated by Caroline Croskery. Edited by Mojgan Kalhour. First Edition, Tehran: Fatemi (Tuti Books).

There are two hours left before the arrival of the new year, and everyone is trying to finish up last minute errands in the hustle and bustle of cars in the street and people carrying goldfish home for their Haft Seen Tables. Ardalan wants to get his hair cut. Atousa is ringing the doorbell at the seamstress, to pick up her new dress. The florist’s son and daughter walk down that alley to bypass the crowds and get home to their Haft Seen Table in time for the new year festivities.

Author Hassanzadeh, known and loved by children is a Hans Christian Andersen Award finalist as one of the five best children’s authors in the world. This suspenseful story is full of twists and turns which deal with the relationship of children with one another. Their different personalities in striving to join their families in time for the new year, necessitates their helping one another. The story describes a situation where the children do not previously know each other but fate brings them together as they try in the giving and receiving of help to make the moments before the new year enjoyable for one another.

Eminent illustrator Ghazaleh Bigdelou in expanding the world of the story, has succeeded in creating a lasting work of art. Her detailed illustrations make use of both subtle and obvious symbols, color and perspective, to create an exciting festival of color and design and a memorable experience for the reader to enjoy.

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