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Woodpecker and rhinoceros

There is a beautiful. green pond , that has water , grass , stone and also one other thing , which is not clear . None of us, even that little woodpecker doesn’t know what it is . The woodpecker is tired and wants to rest. It sits right on that thing which is at the edge of the pond.

The little Woodpecker is still tired when it hears a strange sound beneath him .

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Everyone has a wish of their own.

I wished I would grow sooner.

Grow sooner to open a toy shop.

Grow sooner to open a pizzeria

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Two Yummy Bites

One summer day a writer and a painter were sitting in a room looking through the window.  The writer said: “Let’s do something!” The painter asked: “What?”

The writer said:  “I write a story and you do the illustrations!”  The painter accepted.  He took out his tools from inside a closet and put them all in his front.  The writer thought for a while and wrote: “Once upon a time there were two white, fluffy and plump sheep.  They had gone to the pasture to graze.  They had no names.  That is why people called one of them ‘The First One’ and the other ‘The Second One.’  The pasture was all green and the weather was wonderful.  They were joyfully eating the sweet grass when all of a sudden a wind blew and the shadow of a cloud fell on the Second One.

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A Good Mother; without Academic Education is Urgently Needed


-Hello, yes?

-Did you post an advertisement in the newspaper?

-Yes, and who are you?

-You said that you need a kind mother in your advertisement…

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Hey! Mr. Lion

I put my hands on my waist,

Raised my voice, and said:

“Hey! Mr. Lion! You huge, curly-haired Mr. Lion! Listen to me!”

The gigantic, curly-haired Mr. Lion looked all over me and roared:

“What is it? What do you want, you freaky weak and cheeky child”

I said: “I am the kid of the gentleman you ate this morning, remember?”